“Andrea is a very passionate and technology loving developer (lately developing a lot in Go, but knows Python and Java quite well), had his own company and he is also very skilled on the architectural/systems level. He is also very into Docker and Kubernetes.”
– Till, A collegue

I’m a software developer and project manager based in Berlin. I’ve co-founded Tykli, a company focusing on data discovery and semantic search. Before that I’ve worked at Emerasoft as R&D manager and earlier as professional services for ALM solutions. I have solid competences in server side technologies and a structured approach to project planning and execution.

The above statement is the hyper-compressed-work-centered version of who I am. That is what I am likely going to say if we meet in a social occasion and we go for to the usual questions: what’s your name, what do you do. But if we will spend more time together, eventually I am going to know you better, and you will discover that I have a background in classical studies, that I’ve moved on to more technical matters and that I still enjoy learning new things, and that since then I have been working in the IT sector, that I’ve have been employed in a company as a java developer, a project manager and that I’ve focused on DevOps and process management as a subject of choice. I am going to tell you how I have moved to another country and learnt another language before settling in Berlin (and learning yet another language). And of course you will know that I’ve co-founded my own company but I am not working there anymore, because I moved to freelancing. Be warned though, I am going to corner you with a lot of questions about you, details about your work, your opinion on stuff. And then, provided that we enjoy this (quite long at this point) conversation you’ll discover that I am still fashinated by the subjects of my earliest education, that I work with an artist and I am involved in a online magazine of literature. Eventually we’ll be digressing and I am going to share how much I enjoy golang, that I am not very much into football, how mind blowing the cryptocurrencies are, and how I find the planning and executions of projects satisfying.

But of course, this is just an hypothetical situation, most likely you are interested in my CV.

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